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    Ideally, you need a carb for foods to eat in a day is around 45-65% of daily intake. Each individual has its own levels of activity, healthy metabolism, and other factors that counted from its carb intake. In conclusion, you need to.

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    8 | ATKINS CARB COUNTER ATKINS CARB COUNTER | 9 Molasses 1 T 15.0 Nutmeg, ground 1 t 0.6 Oat Flour 1/4 C 12.1 Rice Flour, White 1/4 C 30.7 Rice Flour, Brown 1/4 C 28.4 Rye Flour, Medium 1/4 C 16.2 Soy Flour 1/4 C 5.4 Stevia (pure powder) 1 t 0.0 Stevia in the Raw (cup per cup) 1/4 C 5.0 Sucralose (cup per cup) Chop, Center Cut1/4 C 6.0

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    The carbohydrate chart presented below describes the amount of carbohydrates present in different food items. Simple Vs. Complex Carbohydrates. Types of carbohydrates: simple and complex. Both types of carbs can be included in your diet, but in right proportion; if you want good weight & optimum health.

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    52 rows · A healthy diet includes higher amounts of whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats .

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    Additional carbohydrate may be needed for unplanned exercise. Moderate-intensity exercise increases glucose uptake by 2–3 mg kg −1 min −1 above usual requirements. Thus, a 70-kg person would need 8.4–12.6 g (10–15) carbohydrate per hour of moderate physical activity.

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Image result for printable carb counter chart
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Free print carb counter chart