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Salvation bracelet meaning of each color
  • Christian Beads Color Meaning

    Each of the bead colors are intended to remind us of Biblical truths: Black = Sin The black bead reminds us of the darkness of our sin that separates us from God. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23. (see also.

  • Prayer Bracelet Color Meanings

    Rudraksha (IAST: rudrākṣa) refers to a stonefruit, the dried stones of which are used as prayer beads by Hindus (especially Shaivas), as well as by Buddhists and Sikhs. When they are ripe, rudraksha stones are covered by an inedible blue outer fruit so they are sometimes called "blueberry beads". The rudraksha stones are produced by several species of large, evergreen,.

  • Faith Bracelet Meaning

    Red String Bracelet: Meaning, Legend, FAQs, & How to Wear It As you browse through the Internet, you may have encountered this mysterious red bracelet. You may have seen it being advertised on your newsfeed, or you may have seen some celebrities donning the red string. Or perhaps, you personally even know someone who wears it.

  • Wish Bracelets Color Meanings

    Like green bands, different shades of blue have different meanings on a Bahia Band. We’ve seen that light blue bands symbolize a desire for peace or love. If we took the blue into a darker shade then the meaning would change. In this context the dark blue band would signify a wish for comfort, fertility and health.

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What do the colors on a Christian bracelet mean? Biblical Truths for each color: Black = Sin. The black bead reminds us of our sin which separates us from God and dooms us.

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