Elf On The Shelf Hat Template

Birthday party hats

Is There A Free Elf On The Shelf Printable Kit?

Elf on the Shelf Printables No. 3: This Free Elf on the Shelf Printable Kit has it all! The kit includes a Hello Banner, Sign, Free Adoption Certificate, Elf Cupcake Toppers, Elf Notes (with naughty and nice behavior reports), and some Nice List approved circles that can be made into stickers! What a great Elf Kit to kick off your elf’s arrival!

How Do You Put A Hat On An Elf On The Shelf?

* Use the Elf’s head to measure – the hat should fit just past the ears. Fold the hat band in half (hot dog style) and hot glue along the edge to secure. Measure around the width of the Elf’s head. Use hot glue and trim excess band.

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How Do You Make A Photo Booth For Elf On The Shelf?

Download the free printable Elf on the Shelf photo booth here or click the image below. Per your printer instructions, print the photo booth on your cardstock and get ready for some elf antics! Cut out all your photo booth parts along the marked lines. Fold sides of booth inward, giving them a sharp crease.

What Are Printable Elf Props?

Printable elf props are another resource for parents. These elf-size elfprops are adorable and can add new fun to your elf’s adventures. The props included in this set of printables are: As you can see by this list there are tons of ways you can dress your elf for new adventures. It is so easy to use these printable props.

  • Elf On The Shelf Craft Template

    Download Your Own Elf on the Shelf Scrapbook. Parents…kudos to you for surviving the 2019 season with your Scout Elf! Now, don’t let your effort be for.

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