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Free cone template Template Inner (Top) Arc Length 3~5/32". Template Outer (Base) Arc Length 12~9/16". Click and drag 3D Model to re-orient. Rotate ↔ Rotate ↕. For very large cones (base or height over 600), or when Full Scale is un-checked (diagram is not Full Scale), check Dimensions to show correct measurements to mark out cone.

Cone templates

How To Layout A Cone Pattern?

Pattern for a Truncated Cone: One Solution . First, think about extending the conical figure up to a point. That is, this pedestal is formed by cutting off a cone with a base having a diameter of 8 inches. The completed cone looks like the figure at the right. I have labeled a few lengths in the figure because they will be useful later.

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Cone templates
Cone templates
Cone templates
Free cone template
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Cone template
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