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Do You Have To Exercise Every Day With The P90X?

P90X in my opinion is easily the best program I have encountered. You can do one workout every day, two a day or one every other day. Just keep doing it as your time, interest and body allows. As it works different aspects of your body it is a great way to keep fit forever.

  • P90 Calendar

    The Mass Calendar is the perfect workout if you want to gain lean muscle mass! The four week schedule in this plan includes many different workouts, so it’s great for any fitness level because of how diverse each exercise regimen will be. The Classic Calendar is an intense workout plan that includes muscle confusion exercises for four weeks .

  • Original P90X Workout Schedule

    P90X Lean Workout Schedule. Phase 1: Week 1-3. Day 1: Core Synergistics; Day 2: Cardio X; Day 3: Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper X; Day 4: Yoga X; Day 5: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X; Day 6: Kenpo X; Day 7: Rest or X Stretch; Phase 1: Week 4. Day 1: Yoga X; Day 2: Core Synergistics; Day 3: Kenpo X; Day 4: X Stretch; Day 5: Core Synergistics; Day 6: Yoga.

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