Printable 25 Meter Zero Target

25 meter zeroing targets
  • 100-Yard Zero Target

    100 25 50 AR-15 100 Yard Zero Target Each Square = 1/2 inch Aim at center dot for all distances: @ 25 yards group should be centered in 1” 25 circle . 1 Mil Dot = ~3.6 inches at 100 yards Designed by Jeff Mau ©2009. Title: AR-15-100yd-Zero_A Created Date:

  • 25 Meter Zero Target M4

    Today’s Walkthrough Wednesday is on the new 25m M16/M4 zero target and zeroing. It is quite a bit different from the zero targets you’ve previously seen on Army ranges, for multiple reasons to be discussed below. It’s also a more useful multipurpose target. This is designed for zeroing the M16/M4 series weapon, use as a scoring target for conducting short.

  • M4 25M Zero Target

    M4 Carbine – 25 meter zeroing target – TJ Target

  • 50-Yard Zero Target

    ARMA DYNAMICS – Red Dot Zero Targets

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zeroing instructions: 1- aim at target center and carefully fire a 3 shot group. adjust sights to move shot group center as close as possible to the white dot in center of target. repeat as necessary. 2- after completing 25 meter zero, using the unmarked (larger) aperture. the weapon is zeroed at 250 m for m193 (55 gr.)

Rite in the rain allweather 25 meter zeroing targets 100 s
Improved m4 ar15 m16a2 25 meter zeroing
Dod le and other government targets
M16 target 25 meter m16a2 zeroing target. Heavy tagboard
Plustactical m4 carbine 25 meter zeroing
Gary conway s ar15 site
25 meter zeroing targets
Ar15 targets military rifle zeroing targets
Rite in the rain 9126 allweather 25 meter zeroing target