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Are There Any Printable Keyboard Templates For Children?

Four different printable keyboard templates are available below. Can you use these to help your children learn about the keys on the keyboard? These templates are available with American and UK layouts. If you have any requests for other types of paper templates, please get in touch!

What Can I Use This Printable Computer Keyboard For?

What can I use this Printable Computer Keyboard for? Use this Printable Computer Keyboard during your KS1 ICT lessons to introduce your class to the art of typing and the layout of the keyboard, to familiarise them with the important keys they will eventually use. Read More…

What Are The Keys On A Piano Keyboard?

They are A B C D E F G. Click here for a large printable piano keyboard layout. Click for a large printable piano keys template with sharps and flats. To download a piano keyboard image to your computer, right click on the image and select “save image as” or “save picture as” depending on your browser.

What Are These Keyboard Worksheets For Kids?

These worksheets will help kids memorize where the keys on a keyboard are to help them with typing. They are great for when kids get done early, the internet goes down during technology class, or just to help kids remember where the keys are. There are 20 worksheets with various difficulties, only

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Computer keyboard template by suzanne welch teaching
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Computer keyboard template by suzanne welch teaching
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