Printable Super Bowl Squares Template

16 square football board template

If you are looking to start a Super Bowl office pool or just want to have some fun with friends, The Game Day has you covered with our free printable Super Bowl squares pdf template. We have created this official football squares template in a printable PDF template for Super Bowl 56 so you don’t have to! If it’s your first time participating, we have a step-by-step.

  • Super Bowl Box Pool Template

    2. Get a Super Bowl Squares Template. If you’re looking for a template for a Super Bowl pool, you can download the one above or create your own. One team will be placed horizontally on the x-axis and the other team will be placed vertically on the y-axis. The total number of boxes is 100 and the boxes will be numbered 0 to 9.

  • Super Bowl Square Print Out

    Step 1 – Print out the 10 x 10 grid that we have included for you in PDF format here if you need it for your Super Bowl Squares game. Step 2 – Get everyone who is joining you in the game to select a square by signing their initials in the grid(s) you have them pick (or you just write their name in). Typically, each square is one entry.

  • 25 Square Super Bowl Grid

    Print a 10×10 grid or set one up virtually using one of the many free sites out there. Be sure to include an extra blank row (horizontal) and.

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