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    Twist together ends of the pipe cleaners. Form a pipe cleaner loop to sit on top of your head and twist other ends together. Click on Printables and print ears. Cut out. Fold in half (blank sides together) around the pipe cleaner, positioning to sit properly on top of your head. Glue the front and back together.

  • Bear Ears Template

    How to make the Teddy Bear Ears Craft: 1. Download the printable template (see end of post). Print whichever version you want onto white or coloured card. 2. Colour the ears and head band if necessary and cut out all the pieces. Colouring version: Template version: 3. If you’re using the template .

  • Teddy Bear Craft Template

    How to Make a Baseball Cap for a Teddy Bear | eHow

  • Teddy Bear Picnic Crafts

    Some ideas include: Hide and Seek (if you have space) Who is it? Sit in a circle and put all the teddies in the middle. Describe one of them, and children must guess which. Blindfold Bear: Put a blindfold on each child in turn and hand them several different teddies to.

  • Printable Bear Pattern Sewing

    How do you make a teddy bear out of an old shirt?

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Teddy bear ears template
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Teddy bear ears template
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Teddy bear ears headband template
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