Rainbow Loom Step By Step Instructions Pictures

Rainbow loom step by step instructions pictures Welcome to Rainbow Fun tutorials for the coolest Rainbow Loom® designs. On this page you’ll find Rainbow Loom instructions for the simplest to most advanced bracelets, charms and other artistic loom designs. The sky’s the limit with Rainbow Loom, so if you come up with a unique design we encourage you to send it in to our Facebook page!

Rainbow loom design guide step by step bracelet making

In case you live under a rock, the Rainbow Loom is a little tool that allows you to create bracelets, keychains, charms, and more with small elastics (similar to those you would put at the end of a small braid in your hair, but they are thicker). The bands come in all different colors, and you can create endless combinations with them.

  • Rainbow Loom Bracelet Patterns

    All of us at Rainbow Loom Patterns would like to wish you and your family a fantastic holiday season! Enjoy making loom patterns! Bracelets are a joy to make, and a joy to receive. And what else would make a great gift, but a loom, or perhaps a second loom for those more complicated patterns. Check out different options for a second loom (See .

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