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Walk along me daddy Walk with me daddy Submitted By: BJscrapsalot. Walk alongside me, daddy and hold my little hand. I have so many things to learn that I don’t yet understand. Teach me things to keep me safe from dangers every day. Show me how to do my best at home, at school, at play. Every child needs a gentle hand to guide them as they grow. So walk alongside .

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  • Walk With Me Mama

    Walk with me mama! 3rd part! Every child needs a gentle hand to guide them as they grow. So walk alongside me, mama. We have a long way to go! poem time!! Walk along side me, mama and hold my little hand. I have so.

  • Walk Alongside Me

    walk with me through life’s doorways and heaven’s eternity? Walk through the good and walk through the bad. Walk through the happy and walk through the sad. Take my hand; I’ll show you the way. There are so many things we can do today. Whether it be happy, or whether it be sad, my friend, I’ll help you through all things good and bad. Advertisement

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    Footprints, Baby Footprint Poetry

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Anything Daddy did, she was right there with him doing whatever he did: feeding the cows, mowing the fields, building the house, or hunting to name just a few things. Wherever her daddy was, she was right beside him. One of her favorite things was going to work on the farm with her daddy. JoJo was the sunshine of her mom’s life.

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