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How Do I Report Bad Parking In The Uk?

Let your local council know about bad parking, cars that block pedestrian access, or which create a danger for others. We’ll send your report directly to your local council, wherever you are in the UK. Drop a pin on the map, describe the parking issue, and send it off – it takes just a couple of minutes.

What Are Some Examples Of Bad Parking?

Whether it’s arrogance, carelessness, or both, we’ve found some examples of bad parking and some examples of people who have turned bad parking into an art form. So, you’ve bought yourself a nice new Corvette but you know that car parks are a dangerous place for fresh paint.

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Should You Get Creative When It Comes To Parking?

If you get creative, just be aware others may follow your lead and make a complete mess of it. Of course, bad parking is just bad parking and it can really annoy people. In this case, someone was annoyed enough to send a creative message to the driver of the tiny car taking up two spaces.

Is Parking The Easiest Part Of Driving?

Parking is the easiest part of driving. It’s a very low-speed maneuver that requires a modicum of spatial awareness. Yet somehow, there are people that are either very bad at it, or just don’t care about other people around them enough to perform a low level and everyday task with any degree of courtesy.

  • Funny Car Parking

    Funny No Parking sign: Don’t even think of parking here. 5th Ave. Nue, New York City, USA. Brother and sister sitting in family car. Two happy children, teenager boy and funny preschooler girl, brother and sister, sitting in the trunk of modern red car. Boy playing toy cars.

  • Empty Car Parking Lot

    38,060 empty parking lot stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See empty parking lot stock video clips. of 381. empty space for parking car park top parking empty empty parking parking lot background parking lot empty parking place top parking empty car parking lot parking space. Try these curated collections.

  • Bad Parking Cartoon

    Cartoonist: Mike Seddon. Search ID: CS190945. Uploaded: 06/27/2016. Categories: Children Families Law and Order Transport. Related keywords: parking space parking spaces family parking car park car parks car parking parking lot.

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Compilation of bad car parking
Compilation of bad car parking
Compilation of bad car parking
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