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  • Beer Tasting Party

    We’re just a bunch of people with a shared love for mankind’s greatest beverage: beer. Just like the previous tenant of our building, Freedman’s Bakery, our sights are set on becoming a mainstay at the iconic Jersey Shore–a place for friends, family, lovers, acquaintances, colleagues, and maybe even enemies to come together over a professionally crafted and supremely delicious.

  • Wine Tasting Grid

    Regional Wine, Village Wine, Cru Level, Aging Classification (reserva) Free for educational use. Download this grid on VISUAL NOSE ˜ PALATE STRUCTURE INITIAL CONCLUSION CONCLUSION WINE FOLLY WINE TASTING GRID

  • Beer Tasting Score Sheet

    BEER NAME: Palate The way the beer feels in your mouth BEER TASTING SCORE CARD Appearance Aroma k all y % from 1 (low) to 5 (high) OVERALL RATING NOTES: NOTES: NOTES: NOTES: MAlty HOPPy FRUIty SPICy ROASty SOUR SMOKy EARtHy Tart Bitter Boozy Amber Copper Red Brown Black Golden Sweet ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: LiGhT-Bodied thin + watery.

  • Beer Tasting Notes

    When tasting a beer, glassware is always better than straight from the bottle. This is especially true if that bottle is dark colored glass, versus clear or green. Your beer will look, taste, and smell infinitely better when you enjoy it from a clean glass. Don’t be overly concerned with pairing the proper glass to the style you are tasting. In all honesty, a standard shaker pint will suffice.

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AROMA: Alcohol: Not Detectible / Mild / Noticeable / Strong / Harsh Esters: Apple / Apricot / Banana / Blackcurrant / Cherry / Fig Grapefruit / Kiwi / Peach / Pear / Pineapple / Plum / Raisin Raspberry / Strawberry / Others Hops: Citrus / Tropical / Fruity / Floral / Herbal / Onion-Garlic Sweaty / Spicy / Woody / Green / Pine / Spruce / Resinous

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