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Coordinate plane mystery picture This bundle of summer coordinate plane mystery pictures is a fun way to practice graphing near the end of the school year, when the days are getting hot and students are thinking about summer. Mystery pictures are great as an addition to your math lessons, for early finishers, as well as for a fun a. 3. Products $4.38

Coordinate planes mystery pictures quadrant 1 by abcs
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    Well once again, the first number in the ordered pair is the x-coordinate, how far we move in the x direction. So we move 6 to the right. And then the second number, the 10, tells us our vertical coordinate, our.

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    Included are Eight Dabbing and Flossing-Themed Coordinate Graphing Mystery Pictures:-Dabbing Pizza-Dabbing Taco-Dabbing Hot Dog-Dabbing Ice Cream-Flossing Pug-Flossing Unicorn-Flossing Dinosaur-Flossing PenguinEach picture has three different graphing options to easily provide differentiation in your classroom.·One picture to be graphed in all four quadrants with positive.

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