Easter Egg Trivia Questions And Answers

Easter egg trivia questions and answers Question: Which presidential administration hosted the first White House Easter Egg Roll? Answer: Rutherford B. Hayes. Question: Where is the.

Easter trivia and facts is more than bunnies and eggs

Here are some more quick Easter questions and answers to get you started! Q. How big is the world’s largest Easter egg? A. 10.39m or 34ft 1.05 high. Made completely of chocolate. Yum! Q. Where did the idea of the Easter Bunny come from? A. It came from Germany in 1700s.

  • Easter Trivia With Answers

    Easter Trivia Questions and Answers. Question: Easter always falls between which two dates? Answer: March 22 and April 25. Question: Is more candy sold for Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or .

  • Christian Easter Trivia

    Easter Trivia – Religious Quiz How well do you know the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus, as it is recorded in the Bible? Answers: 1. What famous event is celebrated on Good Friday? b) The death of Jesus Christ 2. What animal did Jesus ride on when he entered Jerusalem the week before his death? c) A donkey 3.

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Find out with this Easter trivia quiz with questions and answers! It is one of the most cherished festivals of the Christian Church as it is a symbol of Jesus saving us from sin. On the lighter side of things, the Easter bunny is famous all over the world, and children of all ages look forward to the Easter egg hunt!

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