Easy Printable Trivia For Elderly

Easy printable trivia questions for seniors

Easy Printable Trivia For Elderly

50 Easy Trivia Questions for Seniors Printable Fun General Quiz

  1. Who said, “If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more”?
    Jane Austen
  2. Elizabeth Kostova wrote which fiction in 2005?
    The Historian
  3. Where does a Dog live?
  4. Josef Albers, an American, born German painter, listed in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. died in which…

What Are The Best Trivia Questions And Answers?

Triviawell (trivia·well) is a curated collection of fun trivia questions and answers — from science to sports, music to movies, everyday we release new trivia questions across a broad range of topics. Get started by answering our latest questions above or explore over 100+ topics.

What Are Some Funny Trivia Questions?

Which workout is right for you? This fun quiz will help you determine exactly that

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Is Home For The Aged Good For The Elderly?

Lorraine DiPaola, of Brookfield, age 82, was the first Brookfield resident to get the COVID vaccine at the town clinic. Wednesday, February 10, 2021. Brookfield, Conn. In Brookfield, Lorraine DiPaola celebrated with a glass of wine, calamari, and a salad at a local restaurant. In New Milford, Joyce Vosburg went home and dozed for a while.

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    Free 40th Birthday Printable Trivia: This activity is perfect for someone turning 40. This Turning 40 game has questions all about that period of time, and even fill-in questions based on the number 40! It’s way harder than you might think, and some of the questions are actually pretty tough as well. Give guests plenty of time to answer!

  • Easy Printable Trivia Questions

    There is no way to learn without asking. Printable trivia questions and answers multiple choice are here to let you know 100 interesting, evergreen questions and answers. MCQs are the best totally your confidence and you must be one of the best answerings all of these printable trivia questions and answers multiple choice. Each one of these MCQ quiz questions.

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    Sure, these fun kid movie trivia questions and answers can examine your youngster’s total intelligence in an enjoyable method. In case your infant will get all of the solutions appropriate, properly, and good, but when he doesn’t then you’ll be able to all the time educate him in respect of this fun kid movie trivia questions and answers.

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Let’s solve below the trivia general knowledge GK quiz printable questions and answers ! Trivia questions and answers for seniors. 1. What is the largest organization for older Americans? AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) 2. World Seniors Championship is an invitational seniors tournament for which sports? Snooker. 3.

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