Free Chill Pill Labels

Free chill pill labels Happy Pills and Chill Pills: Free Printable labels. Remember awhile back when I gave you some awesome time management tips? Well, one of those tips was to have pre-made gifts ready to go for when the moment arises. Today I’m going to provide you with a free printable to help you out with that.

31 printable chill pill label

What Is This Prescription Chill Pill Labels Template?

This Prescription Chill Pill Labels template makes a funny gag gift for your friends, family, co-workers, party guests or anyone who needs to reduce stress & chill out! All text on these pretend Rx Prescription labels is editable using Adobe Reader.

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How To Make A Gift For A Teacher With Chill Pills?

Peel and stick the label to the front of a smooth-sided jar. Make sure the jar is clean before adding a label. Fill the jar with the chocolate candy of your choice. You can also decorate the lid with decorative tape if you like. Add the lid and this one is ready for gift giving! Every teacher will love the gift of this jar with a chill pill label.

When Should You Call Someone “Chill Pills”?

If you know someone who is dealing with a high-stress situation or just has too much on their plate, this would be a good opportunity to use the “Chill Pills” label.

What Kind Of Candy Can I Use To Make A Chill Pill?

Chocolate candies (if your teacher prefers a different candy like Skittles or even chocolate covered raisins, you can use those instead) First, you will need to print the labels for your chill pill candy jar.

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    5+ Ideas Funny Pill Bottle Labels. Pill Bottle Label Template 17895 Chill Pill Printable. Unlike other designs pill bottle labels follow no standard size as it depends on the.

  • Chill Pill Jar

    Chill Pill Jar Get that always overly stressed out co-worker to chill out by offering them a chocolately treat from this Chill Pill Jar. Sometimes our friends, family, co-workers or teachers just need something to mellow them out.

  • Chill Pill Free Printable

    Funny Birthday Ecards. Bring on birthday laughs with funny, interactive Birthday ecards from Blue Mountain! Whether it features a personal shout-out from a celebrity, hilarious animal video, silly song parody or quirky talking character, our Funny Birthday video ecards are a laugh a minute.

  • Chill Pill Bottle Label

    Pill Bottle Label Template 17895 Chill Pill Printable. Unlike other designs pill bottle labels follow no standard size as it depends on the bottle size and shape of the label that you want. Chill Pills Chill Pill Candy Label Candy Jar Pill Art Pill Etsy Chill Pill Candy Labels Candy Jars Printable rx labels printable

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