Free Printable Letters From Santa Clause

Free printables santa letters

Where Can You Send Your Letters To Santa Claus?

Vision Corp., based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is partnering with Santa this holiday season to make sure sight-impaired children can make their gift requests. They put out the call for letters to Saint Nick in Braille. The letters have come in, and, thanks to social media, they’re postmarked from kids all over the United States.

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    Welcome to THE store for free printable letters from Santa! Enjoy the magic and wonder of Christmas – captured in a child’s eyes as they read their very own, personalised, letter from Santa! Remember the excitement of getting something in the mail when you were a child? Now imagine if that “something” was a letter from Santa Claus!

  • Free Printable Santa Claus Stationary

    Santa letter templates. Bring the holiday magic to your children with printable Santa letters you can personalize with free templates and print like it’s fresh.

  • Christmas Santa Claus Drawings

    With a Christmas tree in his sleigh and a warm smile on his face, Santa Claus is coming to town – via free printable coloring pages! Father Christmas shines from online coloring sheets for adults and cute Santa-suit designs for kids. Images that you can print offer a great holiday activity. Don’t forget the eight tiny reindeer!

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