Printable Origami Paper Solid Colors

Printable origami paper solid colors Take a piece of white paper (index cards also work well because they are a bit thicker) and color it in using crayons. The key is a rainbow style effect where the whole card is covered solid with different colors. It’s important that black is not one of the colors used, because we are going to coat black over the top.

35 assorted bright solid color origami papers

What Colors Of Origami Paper Do You Offer?

Paper colors include primary, pastel, neon and neutral and sizes range from 2.5" to 14". You can purchase a single color pack, or a variety pack. You will find just the right paper in our giant selection of solid color origami paper.

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What Materials Can I Choose For My Origami Project?

Choose from a large selection of different patterns and color combinations including: floral prints, double-sided foil origami paper, kusudama kits, solid color origami and yuzen chiyogami papers.

What Are The Characteristics Of Double-Sided Origami Paper?

High contrasting colors and patterns are the hallmark of double-sided origami papers. Many origami patterns require a double-sided paper to enhance the design and provide contrast in color and texture. Double-sided origami papers provde different, yet complimentary patterns on the front and the reverse of the sheet.

Why Choose Japanese Origami Paper?

The fibers provide depth and textures that are not found in copy paper or other machine made papers. However, if you enjoy traditional solid colors and prints in a rainbow of colors, we also carry a large variety of Japanese Origami Paper Kits. Many of these kits contain basic origami patterns and instructions.

  • Top Suggestions For Printable Origami Paper Solid Colors

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  • Printable Origami Sheets

    For this project, you need to download our free pumpkin printable. After you download it, print it out and then follow along with us. Even if you’re not a big Minecraft fan, this is a fun art project to celebrate Halloween! . For this project you’ll need two sheets of origami paper, or just two square sheets of regular paper. Filed Under .

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Photo Gallery Of Printable Origami Paper Solid Colors

Solid color origami paper
Solid color origami paper
Origami papers solid color
Origami paper
Solid color origami paper
Origami paper
Solid color origami paper turquoise 6
50pcs square origami paper single side glitter folding
Solid color origami paper
20x 50pcs set square origami paper single side shining