Thing 1 Printable Iron On

Thing 1 printable iron on Make a No-Sew Dr. Seuss Shirt Thing One and Thing Two

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What Is Iron On Sticker?

IRON ON STICKER Makes DIY logo iron-on transfers, iron on letters numbers and custom iron on arts only for you and your teams. They are made of heat transfer materials from Siser and Stahls, high quality and easy application with household iron or professional heat press machine.

Can You Sew A Thing 1 Thing 2 Shirt?

I don’t sew, but I was still easily able to make him (and his little brother) Thing One and Thing Two shirts. I Googled a Thing One and Thing Two image and printed them directly onto my heat transfer paper. For instructions on how to create your own Thing 1 Thing 2 graphics using PicMonkey, see my tutorial HERE.

What Are Iron On Transfers?

Note: The iron on transfers are just images flipped around so they look like a mirror image. If you look at the words on the page before you transfer them to a t-shirt, they all look backwards.

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What Fabrics Work With Iron On Transfer Paper?

Check the box of your iron on transfer paper for what fabrics will work with that brand — cotton (and cotton/polyester blends) work for all of the brands.

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