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    Thing is credited as "Itself" at the end of each episode. In the later films, thanks to advances in special effects, Thing (played by Christopher Hart) is able to emerge and run on its fingertips, much like a spider. In Addams Family Values, Thing is shown driving a car into Debbie in order to rescue Uncle Fester. After this, Fester gets into .

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    Step 2: When you are done tracing the circle. Make sure you put a cardboard or a place mat on the inside of the t-shirt to prevent the paint from transferring to the back of the t-shirt. Take your white Brush-on Fabric paint and paint inside the circle. (I did two coats) Let the paint dry for a couple of hours. Ask Question.

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Thing 1 and thing 2 template free
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Thing 1 and 2 shirt template
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Thing 1 and thing 2 template free
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