Tie Dye Aftercare Instructions

Sendhome instructions for tie dye aftercare by the

Tie Dye Aftercare Instructions

Tie Dye After Care Instructions

  • Leave your shirt tied and inside the Ziploc bag for 6-8 hours or longer for most intense colors.
  • After allowing your shirt to rest for at least 6-8 hours, rinse well with water until excess dye is removed. Water should run clear.
  • Cut rubber bands off shirt and discard.
  • Fill washer to “large load” setting with the hottest water suitable for fabric and a small amount of laundry soap.
  • Wash and dry separately.
  • Wash separately for the first few washes after wearing as colors may still bleed.
    • Wait at least 24 hours before washing your tie-dye t-shirt, after dying it. This allows the dyes to set in the fabric.
    • Put the shirt in the washer alone, or only with other tie-dyed shirts with similar colors. Use the hot water setting.
    • Place the shirt in a hot dryer for a full cycle.
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    Sendhome instructions for tie dye aftercare by the
    Sendhome instructions for tie dye aftercare by the
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