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How To Taste Wine At A Wine Tasting?

Tasting the supermarket-bought sample, he said: “That fruit comes through on the palate. The alcohol is nicely-integrated. It’s not over-powering, the taste. “A well-made wine, good example of an Australian Shiraz.” Trying the second sample …

  • Wine Tasting Score Sheet

    Manage your wine cellar and tasting notes like a pro. Main features. Track the history of your cellar (stored and gone bottles), draw and fill your racks and shelves, record your tasting notes and pro ratings from world guides, and pair dishes for every wine. . wine name, year, price, score, region, appellation, input date. Use one of 3 .

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    Flavor intensity: How strong or weak a wine’s flavors are. Fruity: A wine whose aromas and flavors suggest fruit; doesn’t imply sweetness. Oaky: A wine that has oak flavors (smoky, toasty) Soft: A wine that has a smooth rather than crisp mouthfeel. Tannic: A red wine that is firm and leaves the mouth feeling dry.

  • Wine Tasting Form

    These wine tasting forms are each also a wine tasting scorecard that help guide you through the steps of assigning a point score with this system. There is room still for other notes as well, but in each section there is an area to assign a certain number of points for each.

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